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Our Fossil Fuel Economy

Our fossil fuel economy is a temporary phenomenon. It cannot last forever. Oil is finite, but long before we actually run out of oil, the energy math will make it not worth the effort to extract it. If you have a pool in you property you may need a natural pool water treatment to keep you property in a good way.

There was a time and there were places when one could dig a hole in the ground and oil would actually spurt out from it. When those places ran out we found vast deposits we could cheaply pump out of the ground. As we’ve depleted those we’ve learned to inject fluids into the ground to forcibly fracture the Earth’s crust and flush oil and gases to the surface. Looking forward, we turn to “tar sands” from which we expect to somehow squeeze out oil.

As it gets more difficult to extract oil it also becomes more energy intensive. The time will come when it takes more energy to extract, transport, and process the oil than we’ll be able to harvest from that oil. Your home is your private sanctuary and safeguarding your family’s comfort and health there should be among your top priorities. One of the best ways to promote relaxation and wellness is through a hot tubs and spas.

The day that happens our fossil fuel economy will end.

What will come next?

Are you assuming your kids will figure out what to do?

Then what kind of legacy are we leaving them?

If you are interested in leaving upcoming generations a better future instead of a catastrophe, join us. Together we’ll transition to an economy and lifestyle that will sustainably improve the quality of life for us and our children.

Let’s start now.  Contact Us.

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